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Project Description Languages
APE Decompiler A Python script to decompile the compiled APE scripts that come with the game Anachronox. Python, x86 assembly
MudOS MUD-mode parser A Python script to parse serialised LPC datatypes. Python
Sorrows mudlib 1.x The LPMud driver was a sandboxed programming environment for the development of multiplayer text games developed in 1989. Superceded by MudOS, then MudOS in turn by FluffOS, MUDs are still being written in LPC today. This project is a derivative of existing code, taking it in custom directions. LPC
Sorrows mudlib 2.x Where Sorrows 1.x was a library of code built on the pre-existing work of others, the idea behind Sorrows 2.x was to start from scratch and explore what could be possible without the constraints imposed by that legacy. LPC
Web-page console An interactive console, a useful base to hook up to a Comet-based server backend. HTML, Javascript, CSS
Stackless Python As one of two active maintainers, I do the following and more: C, C++, Python, x86 assembly, x64 assembly
Nintendo DS / Stackless Python 2.5 As a hobby project, I ported Stackless Python to the Nintendo DS using the homebrew toolkit devkitPro. This involved:
  • Writing ARM assembly language.
  • Writing C routines to provide C library file IO support for the Python interpreter.
  • Writing an application to run the Python interpreter using an archive of the standard library stored on homebrew media.
C, C++, Python, ARM assembly
Python code reloading A library that automatically detects changed Python scripts and reloads the changed functionality. Python developers can immediately see the effect of their changes on running applications without having to stop and restart them. Python
GMail Backup A Python script to download and archive the contents of a GMail account. Python