[MUD-Dev] Convincing Players to Read Documentation

KevinL darius at bofh.net.au
Sun Oct 1 16:22:41 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

>>> "Jon Morrow" wrote
> The question is, "How do we convince players to read the documentation?"
> Honestly, I don't know.  I make references to my help system several times
> throughout our guided tutorials in hopes of players following through them.
> But I don't feel this is sufficient.  Does anyone have other ideas?

Actually, there was one other thing I'd noticed - most games are including a 
"level one walkthrough" of some description, and often a "hint and tips/
strategy guide" type couple of pages.  That actually has application - write a 
"walkthrough" for your first town, explaining how to interact with the NPC's - 
sort of an extended mud school, but on paper.  Write a "hints and tips" 
section that answers most of the common "how do I get this guy to talk to me?" 
type questions.  _Don't_ call it a FAQ - that's the techie version - gamers 
understand hints'n'tips, they understand strategy guides, they understand 
walkthroughs - those things exist in every other game.

Oh, and Moebius currently records any command it gets sent that it doesn't 
understand, along with the room the player's in - and anything that's "looked" 
at that doesn't exist (so if players are typing "look window", we know to add 
a description for the window there).  Not that Moebius counts as a mud yet...


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