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>  1) Commands. Any command used or typed should have a help associated with
>it to explain it. If an incorrect argument [or none] is given, it should
>give a quick one-line Usage: <blah>.
>  2) Background. This includes the world(s), information on the storyline,
>the history, etc.
>  3) Characters. This includes all the options a player has for his/her
>character. Information on races, classes/guilds, stats [str, dex, con, int,
>wis, etc, only if you give it!].
>  4) Universe. This explains how the world works: the magic system, skill
>system, combat, social systems, politics, anything the player can
>engage in.
>  5) Character Effects. Arguably, these can also be placed under characters
>and universe. As it is, this category should explain things like poison,
>damage & healing, diseases, stun, age, etc. Anything that can affect the
>character during the course of play.
>  6) Abilities. Every skill, spell, ability should have a help file.
>  7) Glossary. A listing of terms both game-specific, and more
>general, that
>players may not have come across. Even things that may seem common
>knowledge, may not be if you have international players.
>  8) Rules. Rules for playing the game, conduct, harassment, privacy,
>legalese, etc.

What about information for absolute newbies?  Examples of some topics are
communication basics, movement basics, and etiquette.

And what kind of documentation are we going to provide new administrators?
Some topics they may find helpful are player relation scenarios and how to
extend the world (including building and coding).



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