[MUD-Dev] Re: Convincing Players to Read Documentation

Melinda Davison mdavison at forcomm.net
Tue Oct 3 15:48:36 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

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From: "Richard Tew" <richard.tew at wiredgroup.com>

> From: Marc Bowden [mailto:ryumo at merit.edu]
>   This young gent was quite upset, because the help command lied to
> him. "Your mud's broken," he tells me over and over. "I'm supposed to
> have this command and I don't. It's not fair."
>   Our 'help' system logs all requests that don't turn up an answer. A
> check made me begin banging my head against a wall. He had, you see,
> been typing variants of "help <topicname>" for five minutes
> or so, and
> was angry, because the 'topicname' command didn't work.

Is it worth putting in a help document for the topicname topic? :)


I don't know.. I had one person tell me they didn't want to read the
helpfile cuz I was there to read it to them.  So I asked if they were still
in kindergarden (sp?) and needed a bedtime story.

Dont think that was the correct response but at least he read the help file.


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