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> The appeal of SimCity is not in the construction of 
> individual buildings;
> it's in the meta-construction: how you lay out those 
> buildings/zones in
> relation to each other and control economic and legal factors 
> to encourage
> their interaction and growth.  Stamping out the same 
> buildings over and over
> with no rhyme or reason isn't fun.  Crafting cities is.

But the appeal of the Sims IS in the individual buildings. And for that
matter, in the SimCity building construction tool for SC3k--have yoiu seen
it?--the appeal is in the individual buildings as well.

> Building, like just about anything else, only continues to be 
> fun when it
> requires some consideration and decision-making, and changes 
> from instance
> to instance.  Imagine how empty high school shop classes 
> would be if they
> did nothing but make napkin holder after napkin holder, week 
> in and week
> out.

I would guess a  lot would depend on whether it's the same napkin holder. :)

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