[MUD-Dev] Mud / Web Integeration

Lee Hulbert hulbert at superior.net
Thu Oct 5 21:53:19 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

 The idea of help files available on web pages ahs given me an
 interesting idea.  Has anyone thought of giving new players a web page and
 (Java,cgi,perl, whatever) interface for creating a new character?  Put the
 basic character creation functions into a web form, and allow the players
 adjust their choices at will before creating a final character file.  Maybe
 even a graphic that changes based on player choices.  When final tweaking
 done, the page could submit the completed character to admins(if that's a
 required step) or directly to the game server, to activate that account.  A
 user-friendly character creation scheme, and a (slight) load off the game
 server, by relgating that function to the web server.  Sound feasible?

 Admittedly, I am a lurker, and not even capable of coding a standard MUD
 engine, but the idea has merit(I think)

 Lee Hulbert

 lhulbert at hotmail.com

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