[MUD-Dev] Banning Players for Off-Site Activities?

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> --On Thursday, October 5, 2000 3:16 PM -0700 Ananda Dawnsinger
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>> (If a third party were involved -- e.g. a tinysex capture uploaded
>> to a web site -- I'd say a ban is perfectly appropriate.  I find it
>> much more difficult to justify banning a player just because their
>> fan fiction is inappropriate and politically incorrect.)
> Theoretical: If you had no EQ experience whatsoever, in reading the
> story, what would you think goes on in an EQ game?

I'd think there was a higher proportion of dark and angsty roleplayers than
there actually is.  Would I actually think that rape and torture were part
of the game?  No, except perhaps in certain corners that didn't have much to
do with the game in general.

Of course, I'm an online veteran with a strong civil libertarian bent, so
it's not MY opinion that matters.

I suspect that somebody with no online experience would fully expect all
sorts of abominations, like murdering pregnant women.  I'd be inclined to
laugh at this.

Apparently they'd be right and I'd be wrong.  *shrug*  Go figure.

Sharon Mock (Ananda Dawnsinger)
Worldbuilding Lead and Loremistress General,
(project to be named later)

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