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>  > In the end, I think while non-epic games certainly have a large audience,
>  > epicness will always capture the largest audience over time.
>  > --matt
>  >
>  It would be interesting to see the amount of time people spent watching
>  epics like star wars, ben hur, etc against the amount of time watching
>  Simpsons and Seinfeld. Isn't retention and recurrence important to 

yeah but see, Ben Hur and Star Wars are in two different ball games, one is a 
bibical epic, and the other is approaching cult-film status (may have already 
been considered a cult film, but then this is merely my opinion).

all games have die-hard players, and those that just pass through rather 
quickly. i can't say for sure that epic games would indeed have a total of 
more players over time.

but i may not be understanding the comment entirely....

been a long day..


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