[MUD-Dev] Realistic travel times/virtual terrain

Koster Koster
Sun Oct 8 19:37:22 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

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> On Sun, 8 Oct 2000, Richard Tew wrote:
> > Nice to find an admin that doesn't toady to the "change is implicitly
> > bad" crowd :)  I find it so frustrating that people let their mud be
> > limited by player objections against things that improve the depth of
> > the game - although its not my playerbase at risk, obviously :)
> Well, this is probably because a game with depth is not the object of the
> muds that have 95% of the players out there. A mud that players enjoy (and
> in at least 75% of the cases, that people will pay for) is the goal.

There's a false dichotomy there. Players like depth. Depth is indeed fun.
Complexity is fun as long as it is not all thrown at you at once. Confusion
is not fun. Disempowerment is not fun. The developers of the most popular
muds of all stripes like depth, I guarantee it. Sometimes, they may have
even put in depth beyond what their playerbase THOUGHT they would like, only
to have the playerbase, by and large, like it.

If your added depth actually did cost you a large chunk of the playerbase,
then it's likely not the added depth that did it, but having broken fun
stuff in the process of adding it.


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