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J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Thu Oct 12 17:10:05 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Writing as list host:

  As readers of the Kanga.Nu home page (http://www.kanga.nu/) will
know: a couple days ago, at 22:08:55 on 9 Oct 2000 to be precise,
Kanga.Nu fell off the 'net.  The cause was that one of the system's
drives died.  It died, suddenly and quietly and took the system with
it in rather less time that it took to type this >word<.  Unlike
most such drive deaths this was a silent affair.  There were no
sounds of screeching metal, no media warnings or errors in the
system logs, no slowly increasingly flakiness.  It just died.  Poof!
9Gigs of carefully horded and ordered data just >gone<.

  Very annoying.

  Tuesday night I replaced the drive (my only spare alas (9Gig FW
SCSI III for those interested) and rebuilt the system enough to get
back on the 'net in stable fashion.  As the dead drive had been used
for the mail archiving process (and all the archiving scripts,
tools, etc were on there), I turned off the mail systems on Kanga.Nu
until I'd restored all the lost data from backups.  That's now done.
As of a few minutes ago mail is again flowing and the system should
be quite happy.  This message should show that the archiving process
is now also alive and well.  Reviewing the moderation queue for
MUD-Dev will be next.

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