[MUD-Dev] Mud / Web Integeration

msew msew at ev1.net
Tue Oct 17 16:49:44 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

At 16:48 10/06/00 +1100, KevinL wrote:

> BUT...  Is there gain in getting people to build their character
> actually in the mud, surrounded by the place they'll be playing in?
> Is there some disparity between using a web page to build a char,
> then a text client to play it?  I'm grasping for the words here, but
> it feels like a break in context to jump onto a mud, go back to the
> web page to make the char, then back to the mud to play it.

I think that providing an interface on the web is a good, idea as many
newbies to the mud world are most likely familiar with the web and
might find it easier to read the "how to" and intro to the stats
system in a web page rather than being spammed with them in a telnet
window.  Also they might have found your mud via looking at your web
presence and it is a nice low cost way to get them to create a

Would be interesting to see the increase or decrease in new characters
once this is implemented.  Could we register a callback with you and
have you send forth the stats once you have your system up and running
for a while?


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