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> Zach Simpson's paper on UO economics that Matt references is
> available on the web in HTML form at

>   http://www.totempole.net/uoecon/uoecon.html.  

> Definitely worth reading--I don't know if it has ever been posted to
> the list in tts entirety?


Another major exception to the rule that NPCs did not supply things
that players wanted is magical reagents. Shopkeepers are the only
source of reagents. It was not long before a group of players realized
that they could corner the market in this valuable commodity. (In
fact, some of the first people to try this were actually employees at
a rival computer game company.) This group became highly efficient at
the process of buying up all the reagents available at every
store. They had to devise secure warehousing as well as a scheme for
dividing up the inventory for redistribution. On the one hand, this
scheme created an very interesting player event, the kind of thing a
game designer hopes will be possible within the rules. On the other
hand, while it amused a minority, it annoyed the majority who demanded
that Origin stop the Mafia.

can anyone comment more on this? :-)   Sounds awesome!!!!!!


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