[MUD-Dev] Triangular Damage Infliction System

Ben bjchambers at phoenixdsl.com
Thu Oct 19 21:18:33 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

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I will briefly restate what has been said already on this topic, for the
sake of those who haven't been paying attention.

In this system all HPs a person are arranged in a triangular arrangement.
For example 33 HP would be represented as:


Basically what happens is each row can be assigned damage.  If there
** are enough hp left in that row to handle the damage, the damage is
marked *** off.  If not, the damage overflows, the amount of overflow
dictates what **** negative effects, and the severity of them.  In
this way, a person with ***** more hitpoints can take a LOT more small
hits than a person with moderate ****** hitpoints, as well as being
able to take a larger hit, without a negative ******* effect.  *****

This system provides a fairly good method of dealing with negative
effects, such as scars, unconsciousness, etc...  The key is having a
good algorithm to a) decide which row to put the damage into, and b)
decide what effect happens.  The problem with part b, is that the
percent of overflow should decide the effect or something, because if
one damage overflows into a row with only 1, should it be equal to,
less severe, or more severe than if it overflowed into a row with 10?
Granted the algorithm probably wouldn't put it in the 10, but if that
is all that's left, it probably shouldn't do as much, after all, it is
only 1/10 of a row, whereas the one is a whole row.  BUT: it may make
more sense to have it equal.  Because in this 1 damage is overflowing
either way you look at it.  The algorithm for damage assignement is
simple, it would have to just start at the top, and place the damage
in the row with the least hp that can hold it, OR failing that, in the
row that would have the least overflow...

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