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Christopher Allen ChristopherA at skotos.net
Mon Nov 13 22:02:13 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Skotos has been accumulating a number of articles that would be of interest
to Mud-Dev members at http://www.skotos.net/articles/ .

Kimberly Appelcline has a 5 part series on such topics as of presenting
fiction and literary qualities in games such as plot structure, the
importance of backstory, dynamic settings, and characterization.

There is an ongoing column (of 8 parts so far) on the trials, triumphs and
trivialities involved in releasing our commercial game Castle Marrach.

A new column (with 3 parts so far), by Gareth-Micheal Skarka, discusses
issues of presenting horror in an online game. Sam Witt has started a column
on the creation of a new science fiction game.

Other individual articles include how Skotos uses XML in a game server, one
on building an Oriental fantasy game, two on the Skotos consent system, one
on clothes and being topless, as well as various technical papers on the
Skotos systems for bulk, proximity and consent.

We are also soliciting articles on topics of interest to StoryBuilders (what
we call Game Designers) StoryTellers (sometimes called hosts), and
StoryPlayers, and would love to have some more technical contributions by
Mud-Dev members.

-- Christopher Allen

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