[MUD-Dev] Opinions (even harsh) on Castle Marrach by Skotos?

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> ... I've done a quick outline of the points of our Terms of
> Service below (it's broad and misses a few subtletlies). I'd love to hear
> other comments on anything that seems unfair or strange. I'd also be happy
> to address any questions about *why* certain points are necessary.


> 6. You can't:
>       e. Impersonate people
>       k. Collect info on other customers.

While I have not read the real ToS, the above two caught my eye as possible
problems.  "Impersonate people" should (if it is not already) be defined to
not include taking on a game personae.  I could easily see how the wording
might make it "mandatory" for me to play the game as Eli Stevens, college
student.  Of course, it might not.  ;)

Collecting info on other customers also strikes me as problematic (after
all, social games basically require you to collect info on other people,
otherwise they would not be social games :).  Perhaps some sort of qualifier
such as "for use not pertaining to the participation in the game", although
that would make it a violation of the ToS to plan an out of game party, etc.
Maybe something like "for non-personal use" would be better?  Or a combo,
"for non-personal or out-of-character use".  Something that would allow both
in game collection (say, reporting demographic info on the characters to
your guild; "the shadow guild is getting quite strong") and out of game,
one-on-one info (like planning a picnic for players).  Tricky.

Like I said, the real ToS may make these non-issues.  Just my $.02.  :)

> Eli Stevens <wickedgrey at wickedgrey.com> wrote:
> > What am I doing?  I'm typing to an empty computer.
> I don't understand...
'Cause there is a dead man on the other end of this email.
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