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> I can think of one reason why - current gaming systems don't
> usually emulate every character that actually exists in a city/town/etc.
> If you login to the standard diku, you'd notice that there are no
> children, and except for a barmaid and recpetionist, no women in the
> starting town. Also no houses, or non-substiance-level stores. Etc.
> They're not really even close to towns, but that's okay.  Just the
> effort required to be realistic for alot of these learning behaviors is
> immense, whereas the effort required to just make them work in a
> reasonable manner is really ...reasonable.
> PjD

>From a players perspective, I love this idea, and hope to see it
implemented.  PjD, I would have to say that diku not being able to implement
this (I don't know that this is true, I am not a programmer yet, and have
not seen the source, nor would I be able to make much of it if I had, but
that seems to be what your saying) is an indication that diku is lacking,
not that the idea is.

To everyone else, how would players fit in in all this?  Would they gossip
with the NPC's and get a sense of another players "karma"?  If so, how, to
what extent, and how do you curb abuse?  Can players witness an event and
share this info, either PC to PC or PC to NPC?  Is it possible for players
to lie about each other?  And of course, is it possible that some of the
more heinous acts, or heroic for that matter, instead of being forgotten,
grow into legend (Farmer Bill says "I had a cousin who's wife's nephew's
friend saw Jack kill 15 trolls and a dragon with his bare hands!!")?


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