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Mon Nov 27 15:06:53 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Recently I relayed a small survey through a realm of table top playtesters
on the use of PDA-type technology in their games. Some of you may be
considering deploying the technology in your own games. I hope the data
I've collected will be of assistance. It was for me, YMMV ;-)

Below are notes that I put together as I sorted and filtered the
informated relayed back to me. The original document will be unavailable
to protect the individuals involved. The link below highlights their
comments and attitudes.



* The use of electronic technology is an accentuating tool. 
* Electronic technology tends to lend itself towards generation of
  complicated detail or reference of a detail. 
* It appears that the common denominator here involves looking through
  supplemental texts for technical details that may or may not be readily
  available, such as exceptional rules for vehicles and mounts. 
* There will be resistance amongst those who fight change. 
* Cooperating with technology and advances of characters are prohibited by
  large outside of game play. 
* Apparently, this device and/or application would be considered more a
  novelty than an actual tool.  

Top Rankings of informational use:
* Core Books 
* Supplemental Texts 
* Papers 
* Engineered content  

Conclusion on Design Considerations

* Quick and timely access to information with few distractions 
* Compatibility between systems 
* PDA/PDQ technology is still relatively new and home to only a few
Further Questions Drawn

* Why is it that players simply have no interest in utilizing digital
  technology with their characters? 
* Is the technology still too young to be accepted as a replacement for
  printed text? 
* What is the timeline for PDQ/PDA technology to move out of the
  enthusiast market and/or is the gaming subculture a member of this
  enthusiast market? 
* Would the LARP market be more appropriate?


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