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Ben Chambers bjchambers at pheonixdsl.com
Mon Nov 27 20:11:43 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

> John Buehler wrote:
>> Also, I don't want anything to do with
>> weakly-typed languages - aka script languages. They are a nightmare to
>> debug when you get above some trivial number of lines of code. All 
>> checking
>> happens at runtime and you have to rely on testing in order to find 
>> out if
>> your system works. Fast and loose only works for one iteration of coding.
>> If you then want to build on that first iteration, you quickly find 
>> out how
>> messy things can get.

   True, scripting languages can be a) hard to write and b) hard to 
maintain, but they are necessary to a point.
I as a programmer, am not going to write a codebase to handle every 
possible event that could happen, instead
I would design a simple structure to handle "EVENTS" in general.  Then a 
scripting language would discern between
these, and after that everything would be performed using 'in-game' 
commands.  For example a script could be

If event_type = talk_event then
   Select verb [this could be noun/d.o as well, this depends on your 
parsing system though]
       case 'are'
       select noun
           case 'scripting languages'
           select d.o
           case 'good'
               say I agree
           case 'bad'
               say I disagree
           end_select //d.o
       end select //noun
     end select //verb
end if

this would of course get tedious to utilize, so their would have to be 
some simpilazation, but this system is a) easy to use
b) practically foolproof.

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