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> Now the interresting part, is what happends when the children loose.
> When their baloons are popped, and they have lost. We clearly recalled
> that when we used to play that game, we stayed and looked to see who
> would win the game. It was a social event, even if you were not a
> part of the action. No more. Now the children tend to simply leave,
> and do other stuff immediately after they are out. If they are not part
> of the action themselves, the event does not interrest them at all.

I wonder if the adults in the situation reacted differently to the children
who were 'out' in the two different situations.  Even if you didn't
recognize it as a child, I wonder if they did/said something like: "Okay,
everyone who is out take a seat around the circle..." and now, in the new
generation, the players who are now teachers might say something like:
"Here, have a book to read, or go play with the paints..."  Even if not
something so obvious, even body language and such from adults may play a
role.  "The adults are only paying attention to those folks who are still
'in,' so I am going to go find a book to occupy my time till we're on to the
next activity..."

What I am saying is that I think think that sort of behavior is learned
(maybe before the ages of 8-12?).

To apply it to MUDs, can we teach people (Doods and Foaming Roleplayers
alike) appropriate behavior?  Can we encourage the 'outs' to sit around the
circle?  And, conversely, can we teach the 'outs' that popping baloons of
the 'ins' after they are already out is not appropriate behavior?  I think
the answer is Yes, with qualifications.  We will need tools from developers
to do so, and players who are patient enough to do the teaching.

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