[MUD-Dev] "An essay on d00dism and the MMORPG"

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> On The Two Towers, a Tolkien-based mud, we offered this option, of
> playing the
> 'evil races': orcs, trolls, olog-hai, black numenoreans,
> haradrim, etc.
> Surprise, surprise! nearly all our dOOds gravitated to
> playing the evil races.

I admit I am somewhat surprised it worked.  I would think that the nature of
the d00d is that he would find equal pleasure in playing good characters.
He sees himself as good, even if his play is perceived by others as evil.
He sees his method of play as virtuous.  He can exploit and grief because
the game allows it, and still be good.  And also he wouldn't want to feel
herded by the designers into some kind of d00d ghetto.  His game rewards are
in spite of the designers as much as it is in spite of other players.  He is
amoral after all, isn't he, not immoral?


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