[MUD-Dev] Interesting EQ rant (very long quote)

Vincent Archer archer at nevrax.com
Wed Nov 29 10:07:20 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

According to Brian 'Psychochild' Green:
> I generally dislike slamming on one game in general, but I found a few
> links to this screed on the offical EQ boards.

This isn't "slamming" EQ, as much as pointing out the obvious, which is
the fact that Verant didn't design what it thinks it had designed, and
refuse to acknowledge the fact that the game people play is not what they
wanted them to play.

I see Verant as King Canute. They're trying to beat back the sea to
submission, but that cannot happen without a complete redesign of the
game, something which is impossible. All that remains is trying to band-aid
the game till EQ2 comes out.

I find the phrase "The designers have been mesmerized by the hard core
gamers" highly representative. It's also a complaint that's starting to
be raised against Asheron's Call.

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