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Thursday, November 30, 2000, 4:46:05 AM, Bruce <bruce at puremagic.com> wrote:
> Ben Chambers wrote:

>>      Some MUDs advertise a Player Thread and a Builder
>> Thread.  What are the benefits of these, and why do
>> people feel they are so good?

> This question isn't really so clear what you mean, or what you've
> been looking at, or what the design considerations are that
> you're thinking about.  Some information there would be useful.

> But:

> I've not seen Player vs Builder -threads-, but rather player
> ports vs builder ports.  Is that what you meant?  If so, I
> personally don't see the point in it.  If it is meant for
> security, the way I'm used to seeing things set up (different
> command interfaces vended out to different users), works better
> for me as I prefer more granular control over what I allow a user
> to do and what I allow a builder to do. (As well as admin and all
> of the other types of staff.)  This is avoiding discussion of
> entirely separate interfaces (web, custom client, LDAP server,
> whatever) for content creation (assuming that is all that a
> builder does).

One possible use for separate ports is for access control via tcpd or
a firewall.  The number of builders tends to be smaller than the
number of players, so it may be practical to only allow connections to
the builder port from IP ranges that the builders log in from.

Like Bruce, I've never seen a mud that had different threads within
the same mud for players and builders.  I have, however, seen muds
that have two different copies of the mud running -- the stable copy,
where players log in, and a development copy, where builders log in.
With this sort of setup, if a builder makes a mistake that crashes the
mud, or if the mud needs to be shut down and restarted to test new
code, the players aren't disturbed, since it's being done on the
builder copy.  If both copies are running on the same machine, or are
being accessed through a firewall, then they may be advertised to the
world as two different ports on the same IP address.

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