[MUD-Dev] "An essay on d00dism and the MMORPG"

Richard Tew rmtew at wiredgroup.com
Thu Nov 30 13:53:02 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

> From: Corey Crawford [mailto:myrddin at seventh.net]
> Ultimately, I think promoting, or evening forcing, players to=20
> become part of a group (the larger the better) will help weed
> out the d00dz  and, even better, break those d00dish habits.

Or, they might just form d00d collectives :)


  1. Solo d00ds fear retribution from collectives for action against
     members of collectives.  And for the most part don't know
     where they stand.

  2. D00ds within a collective have to step into line and respect
     the rules of their collective.

I played Planetarion, an HTML based exploration/researching/conquest
game and it seemed to me that as time passed, all the players joined
collectives and some kind of stalemate evolved where it was either
collective against collective, collective against individual (quiet
moment of silence for the individual) and rarely, individual against
individual (if they could find each other).

As someone who stood outside a collective, I was apparently there
to just take a reaming whether I wanted to or not.

At least that was my perspective of the whole affair.

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