[MUD-Dev] \"An essay on d00dism and the MMORPG\"

John Buehler johnbue at msn.com
Fri Dec 1 00:12:47 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

KevinL writes:

> But personally, I kinda like the idea of not knowing people until they
> introduce themselves - from memory, Legend used to show
> descriptions instead
> of names, Raph?  It changes the flavour of the game dramatically,
> true, but I
> don't think it _breaks_ mudding, or requires a graphical
> interface to make it
> work.

  It doesn't require it, but having a visible avatar to serve as a reference
point sure does simplify matters.  It's not a big issue with NPCs.  They can
have default, descriptive names defined by the game designers.  Players, on
the other hand, don't get such names, as that is the whole point of the
introduction system.  There IS no default.  I suppose the gamemasters could
give a default text string to each player character, but that seems a bit
prohibitive in labor and personal preference.  How'd you like the gamemaster
to assign you what you would consider a derogatory default label?


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