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> Eli Stevens wrote:
> > A possible benefit from all this is that if a builder codes a buggy
> > or the like and it brings the builders' process to its knees, the
> > copy of the mud will be relatively unaffected (of course, if the buggy
> > consumes all of the CPU or RAM, that will affect the players process,
> > like any other program).  If that does happen, the builder process can
> > killed, without upsetting the players (the builders, however... ;).
> > Another benefit is that it makes accidents (of the "oops, that weapon
> > supposed to be accessible to the players yet - we are not done balancing
> > type) less likely.  Usually area files and such that are under
> > would be stored in separate directory from the live mud, and careless
> > copying of files is less likely to happen than leaving a new area linked
> > an existing one in-game.
>    Can't you just have it so that only certain people can connect an
> area to another.  For example say only the mUD
> owner?
> > Also, builders can code in quiet, without the usual barrage of OOC
> > questions, comments, complaints, compliments, etc.  Stuff like that.
> Can't you just have a command called "mute communication" on the main
> port, so builders aren't disturbed?

By no means did I intend to imply that running multiple copies of the server
on different ports was the only way to achieve the effects I mentioned, just
that doing so gave them "for free" (of course, you have to have the memory
and CPU time to run the second copy, so it is not really free).

However, I suspect that the main reason to run multiple copies of the server
is the first reason I mentioned - the decrease in likelihood of new/buggy
code crashing the players' server.  Implementing such stability into an
existing codebase would be decidedly non-trivial (to say the least), unless
that codebase was designed with that in mind from day one (the average Diku
was not).

> Eli Stevens <wickedgrey at wickedgrey.com> wrote:
> > What am I doing?  I'm typing to an empty computer.
> I don't understand...
'Cause there is a dead man on the other end of this email.

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