[MUD-Dev] \"An essay on d00dism and the MMORPG\"

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> But personally, I kinda like the idea of not knowing people until
> they introduce themselves - from memory, Legend used to show
> descriptions instead of names, Raph?  It changes the flavour of the
> game dramatically, true, but I don't think it _breaks_ mudding, or
> requires a graphical interface to make it work.

Yes, Legend does this, BUT it has an intact global namespace. You just
don't know the name at first, but there's still a unique name
there. All keywords in the description are added as keywords to the
player as well, so that you can refer to them as "blonde" or
"mercenary" or whatever it is they are. And if you know the real name,
then you can always just use it.

UO does not have a global namespace in that there are no unique names.
Caused a lot of hassles, and of course precluded things like "tell"
without additional interface work.

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