[MUD-Dev] Permadeath or Not?

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> >> My god!  Are they mad!  Are the developers actually considering
> >> perma-death, or is this just something brought up by players?
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> > We haven't said anything on the topic. The topic is purely brought
> > up by players.
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> > We haven't said much of anything about anything, to be honest.
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> I don't understand it, myself.  The concepts of "Permanent Death",
> "Cumulative Character", and "Commercial Game" would seem to be an
> impossible mix, it seems to me this has to be a vocal minority that
> thinks that permadeath is a magic bullet for enforcing roleplay,
> getting rid of grief players, and slicing virtual bread.
> A lot of them seem to want to throw in "Unrestricted PvP" to the
> bargain.  It seems like this is yet another face of "Fantastic
> Realism", people want a world that's like the real one as much as
> possible, but without the boring parts.

I don't think it's so much of a fanatic realism they want, but just a little
edge to the game.  Playing Gemstone III (a comercial mud by Simutronics for
those of you unfamiliar with it) with it's limited ressurection system
(Clerics could ressurect you indefinetely, but if no one found your body,
the "Gods" had to interviene and would only do so if you had made donations
to the church or earned a "Deed" in some other fashion prior to your death)
was more exciting then playing UO where one lost only a few items and gold
but had no real risk (mere inconvience).

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