[MUD-Dev] A list of MMORPG Questions

Koster Koster
Fri Dec 8 19:24:25 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

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> Subject: [MUD-Dev] A list of MMORPG Questions
> With the help of the new forum for SW:G, I have put together a
> (tentatively ongoing) list of questions every new MMORPG 
> should consider
> having an answer to before going public. It all depends, of 
> course, but
> I find it helps to understand the development process of the MMORPG
> paradigm.

I saw this when it was posted. It's a great list. But you should be
aware that almost every commercial endeavor will want to trickle this
info out, rather than answer everything at once. :)

For that matter, even free muds that want to build hype prior to
launch will want to do this.

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