[MUD-Dev] Permadeath or Not?

Koster Koster
Fri Dec 8 19:28:59 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

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> > A lot of them seem to want to throw in "Unrestricted PvP" to the
> > bargain.  It seems like this is yet another face of "Fantastic
> > Realism", people want a world that's like the real one as much as
> > possible, but without the boring parts.
> I don't think it's so much of a fanatic realism they want, 
> but just a little
> edge to the game. 

One of the commonest reasons I see advanced for having it only applies
in an unrestricted PvP environment. People see it as a deterrent, a
way of having real consequences if you are caught after doing bad
deeds. Of course, more victims tend to die than criminals, so in the
end that equation works out in favor of the spree killer...

Most of the successful permadeath systems I have seen have involved
using multiple "lives," a way to earn more "lives," and a mechanic to
drive player interaction. Ackadia, Gemstone III, and others all use
pretty similar systems--usually involving more than one of the
following: players can resurrect you unlimited times, but you only get
a fixed number of server-driven resurrections; you can earn lives via
some manner (donations, additional XP earned); there's multiple lives,
often scaled by the amount of achievement you have...

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