[MUD-Dev] Permadeath or Not?

Ben Chambers bjchambers at pheonixdsl.com
Fri Dec 8 21:17:56 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

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>> Thanks for the pointer.  It's always interesting to see a debate over
>> permadeath.
>> Are we allowed to rehash the rehash of a rehashed discussion here?  ;)
   I was reading through some articles I found on line, and this is the 
idea for death I picked up.  Each player belongs to a religion.  As they 
do quests for that religion their FP (faith points, or something 
whatever you want to call them) go up.  When the player dies, he goes to 
the underworld.  Once there, he goes to his religions area, and is 
assigned a service to his deity which he must perform.  The difficulty 
is based upon FP.  After completing it, a lost comes up listing a number 
of random cities in which his religion has temples.  He chooses one and 
goes there.  His stats are at 50%, but 1% regenerates every minute, more 
if resting.  The number of cities in the random list is also determined 
by faith.  This provides a) motivation for quests b) way to get over 
death c) way to punish death and d) a way of having infinite lives "fit 

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