[MUD-Dev] New stuff on my site

Koster Koster
Mon Dec 11 16:06:24 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Hey everyone... I figured I'd let everyone know about some new
material I have posted on my site. Some of it is heavy on graphics,
hence I hesitated to post it to the list.

Some of the new material is chunks of a book I was working on about
mud design. It's up at http://www.legendmud.org/raph/gaming/ under
"Book." I admit to have been hesitant to post about it here because I
figure it'll get shredded. ;) But Richard's recent posting on
avatar/character/persona made me want to because there's a chapter in
there about nothing but avatars/characters/personae.

There is also a Powerpoint presentation about design patterns for muds
which will be the basis of a talk at GDC next year up under
"Essays/Online World Design Patterns." Much of the content is drawn
from outlines for the book.

Enjoy, critique, shred... *wince*

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