[MUD-Dev] Tile Editor for MUD?

Corey Crawford myrddin at seventh.net
Mon Dec 11 16:53:16 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Afternoon everyone :) (or whenever you get this)

I've recently converted my MUD to use a grid-like system for its
rooms, which opens endless possibilities on my end (the programming

For those of you who don't know, it's pretty much "standard" for a MUD
to use a 'link' type exit system. You setup each exit to go to a
specific room: Room 1200 has an exit to the north which connects to
room 1201. Room 1201 has an exit to the south that connects back to
1200. The problem with this system is that you can connect the south
exit in room 1201 to any other room, say room 15004. This can lead to
a confusing array of rooms and really follows no logic; you have to
rely on your builders to think logically when it comes to connecting
rooms. With a 'grid' system, the room automatically knows what room is
next to it (based on its coordinates) and the builders just have to
setup walls and doors for each exit direction. (The grid system can
also be extended into the atmosphere which allows me to have some
kinda of tracking for flying objects/persons, and if they happen to
fall I can tell exactly what room is below them, along with other
things. None of which you can do in the 'link' style system).

Anyways, back to the point of this post. Does anyone know of an Open
Source tile-map editor? (Or something else that might work?) I'd like
to be able to create zones (areas) with a tile editor, and even though
the MUD itself is purely text at this point, it'd be nice to see
terrain types and maybe even elevation. (Unfortunately, I haven't
gotten my hands dirty when it comes to programming in Windows,
otherwise I'd try to make one myself).

Any Windows programmer wanna join our dev team (me)? We need a MUD
client too ;)

Thanks for any info guys! :)

Corey Crawford | myrddin at seventh.net | www.seventh.net

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