[MUD-Dev] Moving away from the level based system

Kwon Ekstrom justice at softhome.net
Tue Dec 12 07:42:55 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

It would seem to me, that Rayzam was suggesting that you allow things
for a more RP sense be chosen on creation, like race and appearance
that you mention.

The fact that you all have a same general background doesn't seem to
change that people are unique... sure you don't have a home or family
NOW, but before you home and family were destroyed, they were likely
very real (to the character)

Let me make an example, I'm a young human, almost ready for my rites
of passage when a hoard of maurauding orcs raids my little fishing
village... The last thing I remember before being ejected onto the
boat and being sent away is my family being slaughtered by said orcs
with the rest of my village, only a handful of people make it to the
boats, and most of the boats never see land again...  Now as a full
grown adventurer on the mainland, you can bet that I'm gunna kill
every miserable little orc I see...

The circumstances of the story are up to the player, and their choices
during creation can portray what that player wants to be.  It doesn't
have to allow them to choose what kind of "character" in a class sence
they should be.  I'm currently writing my own game from scratch in
Java and I'm using a Knowledge based system, which could be considered
as a skill tree.  The players all start in the game almost identical
in their ability.  I allow races to give stat adjustments, and stats
mean alot in my game, so that does leave different races to be more
capable in different areas... After all, an ogre isn't what I'd call
the most effective spell caster, but arm wrestling with say... an elf,
I'd put the money on the ogre.

It's the differences between the characters that creates interesting
and often subtle reactions between people, the world would be rather
bland if everyone was more or less the same.  This is the main reason
why I stopped playing the ussual hack'n'slash muds, because everyone,
good, evil, indifferent, was a blood thirsty warrior, mage, cleric,

I like you ideas on a magic system, although I'd need more detail to
give a true opinion of it.

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