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>> Bingo.  I've seen characters in the game that belong to close
>> friends that I know quit a year ago.  People don't just quit.  They
>> sell their accounts or give them to friends.
> Exactly how does one go about transferring an account?  I was under
> the impression that selling accounts was discouraged and therefore
> there would be no incentive for the admin to change the ownership of
> the account.

Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up.  You give the new "owner" the account name
and password, they change the billing info, and you don't say anything
to anyone.  Verant's official policy is that the license represented
by the account cannot be transferred, and there has been at least one
case where an account was "sold" on eBay, played by the buyer for
several months, and then the original "owner" got Verant to reset the
password and billing info.  Accounts cannot be sold, therefore the
account always belongs to the original registered user, So Sayeth The

--Dave Rickey

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