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> When an account can fetch thousands and
> individual items hundreds of dollars, that would tend to keep people
> from simply writing off their accounts (and all the hours spent adding
> value to them).  It would be impossible to determine how many of those
> accounts are no longer being played by their original owners, but it
> wouldn't surprise me to learn it was on the order of 100K.

Hmmm... I have only anecdotal evidence, but I would think 100K is way too
high.  In the time I took to level two characters to 50+ on one server, I
think I would have noticed a rollover of one-third of the people around me.
You can tell when different people are playing from the subtle differences
in play style to the level 50+ EBayed characters who don't know where
Steamfont is.  At the higher levels it's even pretty easy to tell when a
husband who normally plays a warrior has logged on as his wife because the
group needs an enchanter.  You die more.


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