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> Totally agreed Matthew.  I just found 34 entries under 'everquest
> character' and 'everquest account'.  Now, I probably missed a few,
> but to extrapolate that this accounts for our low churn rate is
> pretty ludicrous.

"Now, I probably missed a few," is more than a bit of an

Most of the EQ characters for sale there do not use those two specific
words.  They are all trying to fit classes and levels into the subject

Searching for the word Everquest brought back 89 pages of 50 entries
each.  Sorting by price to put the (generally more expensive) accounts
first, I counted over 115 accounts for sale in just the first three
pages.  I did not bother reading the next 86 pages.  A search for EQ,
or searching the auction bodies for the word "Everquest" would
probably return even more accounts that did not show up in my scan.

Note: I'm not trying to say that your retention rates solely due to
sales of accounts, or even that its a significant factor.  I just
wanted to point out that you were extremely underestimating the amount
of accounts that are being sold in your game.

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