[MUD-Dev] Interesting EQ rant (very long quote)

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> I agree, with all it's flaws, EverQuest is still an admirable
> game. But, you've hit upon one of my pet peeves.
> I had the privilege to work on a true first generation game, Meridian
> 59.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to work on the game until late in its
> life, but it was still an enlightening and mostly enjoyable
> experience.
> Given my experience and knowledge, I strenuously disagree that
> EverQuest is a first generation graphical game.  Unfortunately, we
> don't have obvious technological advances to gauge clean divisions
> between different generations; yet, I feel to call EverQuest a "first
> generation" game is quite an insult to commercial graphical MUD
> history.
> As much as people may overlook them, games like Neverwinter Nights,
> Legends (Islands) of Kesmai, Dark Sun Online, and Meridian 59 did
> exist quite a bit before the current "big three" commercial graphical
> MUDs rose to fame.

I'm not certain of course, but based on the timetables, I would imagine that
EverQuest was either in development around the time M59 went public, or
close to it.  Granted there may have still been time to learn from M59's
lessons and make changes, but depending on how far into development they
already were, core mechanics may have already been set and locked.

- John Vanderbeck

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