[MUD-Dev] Permadeath or Not?

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> I'm going to show my ignorance here (I've never designed a zone or
> level, and my pencil-and-paper days were a decade ago) and ask why
> on earth anyone would put together such a zone/dungeon/level?

Well, the answer I got from Verant a year and a half ago April was
twofold: 1) The ubermobs (which is what we called them) add "spice" to
the game.  2) Eventually, people would be high enough level that they
would run around and kill the great big mobs in the newbie zones and
then the newbies wouldn't have to worry about them.

Except that...

1) "Thump-Thump-Thump*roar*KABOOM!" [loading area, please wait...] was
not exactly my idea of a spicy game.

2) Why did they not just add the mobs later, after there *were* people
high enough to kill them off, rather than irritating the heck out of
us early adopters?

The ubermobs made me want to camp.  They forced me to play the game in
a way that I did not want to play (and yeah, I begged and pleaded for
good outdoor, random-spawn zones).

Madrona Tree.
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