[MUD-Dev] Text Parsers

Nathan F.Yospe yospe at kanga.nu
Thu Dec 14 23:13:34 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

szii at sziisoft.com said:

> Any recommendations?  Doesn't have to be a natural-language parser,
> but something (preferably cheap/free/open-source) that is relatively
> easy to implement and extend for a text-based RPG framework.  Could
> code it from scratch, but if something's available I'd prefer to
> spend my time extending the framework rather than reinventing the
> wheel...

Purpose?  Command parsing?  Do you want it to be 
  A) natural language?  (OK, so you said not)
  B) english-like?
  C) context sensitive?
  D) precise?
  E) auto completing?
  F) abbreviatable?
  G) runtime extendable?

And in what language?

There's always LeX...

Do you need token matching against a noun-verb-adjective-conjunction set
with a runtime extendable lexicon?

Is it hosted by the server?  By a client?

And how skilled a programmer are you?

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