[MUD-Dev] Forks or Frameworks?

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> > Personally, I have a difficult time understanding why anyone who is
> > setting out to make a good mud would use _any_ copycatted content.
> 1. Because they want a platform they are familiar with.
> 2. Because they want to do "X mud but better"
> 3. Because they want a rapid prototyping platform to test concepts
> 4. Because they don't have the chops to make everything from scratch
> (which doesn't, IMHO, preclude their being able to make a good mud).

And of course, there's nothing saying that any of the following are true
about new code bases:

1. They are well written.
2. They have learned from the codebases which precede tehm.
3. They are well documented.
4. They are easy to use.
5. They are easy to modify.
6. Good set of sample code/modifications.

Of course, any true next generation server should get at least most of
that right, but I doubt that any do.  I haven't seen any that do all of
the above.  I don't think I've seen any that did more than 2 of those

Those are roughly the guidelines by which I'll be judging whether or not
my server efforts are a success or failure.

 - Bruce
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