[MUD-Dev] Moving away from the level based system

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Thu Dec 28 11:36:26 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

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On Wednesday 27 December 2000 19:47, Paul Schwanz - Enterprise Services wrote:

> In order to avoid the complaint that you expressed, I've suggested
> breaking skills into many abilities with proficiency rating for each.
> You would then need to quest for each new ability, but could "macro"
> proficiencies.  

Why not punctuate the skill advancement with "mini-quests?"

Master:  "Young warrior, we will not train you any further until you apply
	your current knowledge!  You must give return with xxxx"
	<token given>
Warrior:  "What?  I need WHAT?  I've never read the room descriptions!  What
	do you mean "how big is the blue dragon in the sea zone!?!"
	<Warrior runs off with token>
	<Warrior enters correct room, and a hidden flag is set on the player>
	<Warrior returns with token and knowledge of how big the dragon is
		and is allowed to advance.>

While it'll only slow people down, it not only gives them an interest
in the world around them via descriptions, but also something other
than "run xp."  True, after the first "batch" of players have run all
of the quests the knowledge will be passed, and the completions become
easier.  However, with a large enough "mini-quest base" and some
creativity you may extend the life of said quest-master a bit.  If you
keep the "hidden token/flag" idea, then they can't just said "oh, Bill
told me that he's 62 meters long" and complete it right then.  They
actually have to go look.

Just a thought.


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