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> Game designers seem to be very American in their thinking: you must
> achieve the ultimate end as defined by the world.  Some achievement,
> some success, some item, some action.  What ever happened to "It's
> not the destination that counts, but the journey"?

You have it right, JB.  Our colleagues and co-workers in the gaming
industry have leveraged the notion of success found in the American
society.  And, just like America, their games were rewarding immense
popularity.  However, almost every American never achieves the picture
of success.  They are never the picture in the magazine.  Games, being
another place of potential fame, attract players because they promote
you as the hero in the story.  They made success achievable.
Unfortunately, heroes eventually slay their enemies.  Your fame
dwindles.  The story ends.  It doesn't matter if you win or lose.
Those bright, horrifying words splash onto your screen: Game Over.

It's funny.  The main reason players stay is completely independent of
a virtual reality like MUDs.  When the journey is over, you only have
your friends.  They may be entertaining, philosophical, understanding,
or scientific.  It doesn't matter.  They are interesting because they
change.  Every conversation has a new subject or different twist.
And, for those of you who haven't realized it, the journey of
friendship never has to end.

Everyone focuses on the newest features.  Be original and focus on
what's important.

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