[MUD-Dev] Congratulations Horizons...

Lee Sheldon lsheldo2 at tampabay.rr.com
Sat Jan 3 12:04:11 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

...for doing some things right.

  1) First of all a simple one that all other MMORPGs pretty much
  ignore: Horizons has true multiplayer quests. Not just tasks like
  DAoC, although it has that as well, but multi-stage quests like
  Trials of the Gifted, a series of tests for player characters that
  fits in with the backstory of the world, and even teaches players
  some of it. The quest is not set up as a typical one off where one
  player apparently resolves a basic situation only to have it
  "re-spawn" for the next player, but it is written so that all
  players are able to participate without destroying the credibility
  of the world fiction.

  2) Here's one for Brad McQuaid to chew on. His quote: "All quests
  are FedEx." In fact out of several steps (5?) in Trials of the
  Gifted only one step requires you to go obtain items and return to
  the questgiver and that is if you solve a simple riddle. The rest
  are not.

  3) Expanding the world in a manner that is within the universe of
  it, rather than just an expansion pack, or taking down servers and
  announcing a new zone. A tunnel has been discovered that requires
  crafters of several different skills to clear. At the end of what
  I expect to be a fairly arduous undertaking, a new PLAYABLE PLAYER
  RACE may be "rescued." Two years ago I suggested how DAoC could do
  something similar to this to open their new epic zones, but they
  opted for the same old same old. Kudos to Horizons for finally
  showing how it can be done.

ALL of the above three things will be copied by other games in
expansion packs or updates. They are glimmers of a beginning
evolution in thinking about what MMORPG worlds can be.

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