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>> John Arras' work on simulated societies and world development is
>> sorely overlooked in recent discussion.  He gave an excellent
>> presentation on it at the last MUD-Dev Conference.  His server is
>> Open Source.  I strongly suggest installing and running a copy.  Just
>> tracking the emergence, growth, distribution, annihilation etc of NPC
>> populations within the game is amazing.

> I haven't had a chance to look at this beyond reading the few hints
> given at the website. It would be interesting to read more on what the
> simulation involves. Are the slides from the presentation available
> somewhere?

You can find a (cut down) copy of the conference CD with slides etc

John Arras' section can be found here:

The only differences between that tree and the "real" CD are that the
session tracks and missing and the real CD contains a full copy of the
MUD-Dev archives (not that anybody has asked for that latter).

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