[MUD-Dev] Do players enjoy farming? (was MUD-Dev Digest, Vol 7, Issue9)

John Buehler johnbue at msn.com
Wed Jan 14 00:38:56 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

Jens L. Nielsen writes:

> The point is, that in the current games there's no support from
> the miners and farmers that is so important that the heroes cannot
> go without it, which essentually makes the miners and farmes
> non-important.

Consider that farming and mining appeal to a different type of
player, that is motivated by something other than finding
'importance' in the game world.  Perhaps those players simply enjoy
the process of seeing fields planted and knowing that their crops
are what are contributing to keeping the *NPC* population going,
which is something that the heroes *do* rely on.

This is more in line with the sort of entertainment that I seek in
games, which is why I post the completely non-mainstream stuff that
I do.  I'm perfectly happy letting other people get all worked up to
kill the dragon and be ensconced as a hero in the Halls of Woohoo.
It's just not on my list of things to do.  I enjoy the fantasy of
creating a farm, watching as new foals drop (and naming each
animal), or seeing my crop growing towards harvest, day by day.
Having that contribute to the entertainment of other players when
they buy my horses or consume my food is something that I get a kick
out of.  I don't want to corner the market or have the biggest farm
in the kingdom.  I just like helping out.

I'm a cooperator.  That's a motivation that may well be the basis of
farmers' and miners' actions.

And I offer this only as food for thought for the list.  Your
comment simply inspired the response.

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