[MUD-Dev] Interpersonal Relations in Virtual Worlds

Chris cwstewart at csupomona.edu
Mon Jan 26 21:57:09 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

On Monday, January 26, 2004 10:24 AM Brad King wrote:

> I've been asked to put together a college course that will both
> familiarize students with the history of virtual worlds and
> illustrate how interpersonal relationships change through
> technology.

>From the sound of it, it seems that you are creating a class that is
psychology based rather than programming or information systems
based.  Having recently taken one of these similar 'game design and
game theory' classes at UCI, I'll offer my input. All the students
attending the class were Computer Science majors. However, the class
was designed for any major, as they could all take part in the
class. The general consensus around campus that was that any class
which was 'video game' related was for CS majors only. Having said
this, I think that it would be important for you to stress which
majors would be interested in taking the course so that you do not
alienate those gaming theory enthusiasts who have no background in
'game creation' or something that they could conceive as a

    Chris Stewart
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