[MUD-Dev] Too much magic?

Michael Michael
Mon Feb 9 23:26:02 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

--- Brian Hook <brianhook at pyrogon.com> wrote:

> Another thought is to implement a "magical nausea/overdose" type
> of thing.  Characters can tolerate magical fields up to a point --
> beyond that, they start suffering side effects that offset the
> bonuses.  Some characters and/or classes and/or races could have
> very high or low magical sensitivity, even to the degree that
> certain people could implicitly detect magic the way some people
> can detect cats.  Magical allergies =)

I may be misinterpreting here, but personally, I'd just add a
"weight" attribute to everything to limit it.

Another thought is to make this a premium option. You want this,
okay, but you'll have to cough up dough. =P Granted, it's pretty
illusion-breaking option and all that jive, but it's an option.

I'd probably give a better response if my mind weren't in overdrive
and multithreading everything, but I hope the bit I've typed can
spark something useful. =)

--Michael Chui
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