[MUD-Dev] Media: Women over 40 biggest online gamers

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>> http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4235270/

>> Women over 40 biggest online gamers

> This study is obviously skewed somehow. There are not more 40+
> women playing online games than there are males playing
> Counter-Strike or EverQuest and such. No way. Perhaps they are
> referring to AOL's own games, or something?

The study clearly refers to card games and other on-line versions of
games that were developed before computers.  What it shows is people
using technology to find others to play with but they are not suing
it to find a new type of game to play.

It is interesting but getting these people to move from games to VWs
is likely to be very difficult I would not change my designs to
appeal to women over 40 on the basis of this news release.

It is a useful piece of data when some one brings up the "online
gaming is wierd" arguement.  Its one more piece of information that
showing that not gaming online takes you out of the mainstream.
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