[MUD-Dev] Character Restraint & Capture.

Jester jester at futuremmorpg.org
Wed Feb 25 06:17:06 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

Valerio Santinelli wrote:
> Jester wrote:

>> Character Restraint & Capture

>> I've been mulling this one over for some time; I am considering
>> implementing a system whereby a character can be restrained,
>> and/or captured by other players.

> Having such a kind of system is intriguing as it could lead to
> having people create quests by themselves by kidnapping and
> rescuing other players.  I can also see a sort of prison system
> that could work well with that, with PCs or NPCs patroling and
> prisoners trying to escape by themselves or with the help of other
> PCs.

I was really only considering long term (capped at a certain number
of game-days) imprisonment for PK'ers as a consequence for killing,
as mentioned previously restraining an 'innocent' character for more
than 5 minutes is just going to be too frustrating for that player,
so kidnap is out as it is usually a long term confinement.

>> I am considering this system for two reasons; As a method of
>> bringing PKers to justice via some sort of bounty hunting system.

> It all depends on how you're going to deal with PKers.

I understand that many players don't want to indulge in PvP and that
should always be respected, but not being able to hit someone
because you are in a non PvP 'zone' has always seemed IMHO to be a
very unrealistic mechanism.

I would much rather implement a system where 'non consenting' PvP
deaths (Pking) have consequences (large fines, jail time) and where
there are non lethal alternatives for various situations.

> You should start thinking about having only certain classes like
> the thieves or maybe let people develope a skill that lends to
> kidnapping.

I share you view on this; I had intended that the restraint skill
only be available within certain profession paths, for strategic
capture it certainly adds an important role to the 'rogue/scout'
type class (that is often underrated).

For bounty hunting the emphasis is less on stealth and more on
tracking and subduing an opponent so certain warrior/hunter type
professions could achieve the skill. BHs will also be regulated by
the 'judicial system' to allow me to put various safeguards and
balances in place.

> I'd be more than interested in hearing more about this.

Well you (or anyone else) are free to drop by the project site
(http://www.futuremmorpg.org) (although I'm in the process of
redeveloping it ATM) the framework is open-source but the game
itself is closed development so I can't discuss some things in
detail.  Alternatively drop me an email directly to discuss related
issues off this topic: jester at futuremmorpg.org

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