[MUD-Dev] Character Restraint & Capture.

Jester jester at futuremmorpg.org
Sun Feb 29 10:58:18 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

Cruise wrote:
> Jester wrote:

>> Well I've rolled all the ideas up so far up into a simple paper
>> on the theme. It's too large to burden peoples mailboxes with so
>> I've put it up as an ongoing document on my project's website:
>> http://www.futuremmorpg.org/capture.asp

> One small thing, while reading through the page - you suggest
> allowing other players to "bail" jailed players
> out. Unfortunately, I can see it being way too easy for characters
> to be bailed out by rich alter-chars or guildmates. With all the
> other safeguards in place, there's no reason such a quick release
> is necessary.

This is something another person contacted me directly about, and
the next logical step could possibly be a minimum term variable that
increases with each re-offence.

> And just a thought on bounty levels. Would it be an idea to tie
> max bounty values to the level of the killer? As higher-level
> chars are more likley to have better equipment or bigger bank
> accounts to pay the larger fine. And of course, bigger bounties
> would be needed to attract the attention of the higher-level
> bounty hunters...

This is a tough one, I for one would rather not base a mechnism on
something that is essentially just part of the game structure i.e.
levels The level of the killer would not necessarily be something
that the 'character' would know and using such a quantifiable value
would mean 'artificially' introducing it.

Also a twinked Pker would be get off much lightly than they should
in a system that uses level as a modifier. By letting the free
market determine the cost (both of the bounty & fine) the players
themselves can set a value that keeps Pking down, and the system
admin can montior things to see if the caps need tweaking from time
to time.

I feel that this is very much a balance issue and one that is
related to other aspects of an implimentations design (like the
economy) and as long as the core concepts are sound then the issue
can be resolved on a game by game basis.

One other thought I'd like to throw into the mixing bowl is modifing
a character's status/reputation/faction (whichever people use) so
when a character is publicly brought to justice their reputation
goes down (as befits a convicted murderer).

This could lead to certain NPCs or shopkeepers having nothing to do
with them and also cities that are particularly 'lawful' barring
them from entry. This could hurt Pkers just as much (maybe more)
than fines or periods in the arena.

Something to consider...

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